Rock Island County Soil and Water Conservation District


Environthon 2020

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

8:30 AM - 1:15 PM

Blackhawk East Campus 26230
Black Hark Road Galva, IL 61434

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Registrations are due by February 7th, 2020.

-Rock Island County, Henry County, Mercer County, Stark County, Marshall-Putnam Counties, Bureau County


Please direct questions to your local SWCD.

Rock Island 309-764-1486, x3
Henry County 309-937-5263, x3
Mercer County 309-582-5153, x3
Stark 309-286-2261, x3
Marshall-Putnam 309-364-3913, x3
Bureau 815-875-8732, x3


Envirothon Curriculum Consists Of:

Aquatics, Soils, Forestry and Wildlife

National Envirothon Study Material

LUC 2 Envirothon Study Material

2020 5th Category:

"Water Resource Management: Local Control and Local Solutions"
Key Topics:
1. Understanding how groundwater and surface water systems function.
2. Understanding the importance of water quality and quantity as a foundation in a healthy ecosystem
3. Understanding a variety of water quality indicators in different landscapes.
4. Understanding a variety of water quantity indicators in different landscapes
5. Understanding how sustainable and best management practices enhance and protect water quality and quantity for humans and wildlife.
6. Understanding the differences of local, regional, and national systems that manage natural resources and the importance of each in water resources.
7. Understanding the social, economic, political impacts of natural resources management and decision making.

Learning Objectives and Resources:


The LUC 2 Envirothon is a competition that focuses on five environmental topics – Aquatics, Forestry, Soils, Wildlife and a Current Environmental Issue. The five member teams will prepare for the competition by reviewing the study materials selected by local professionals in each of the fields. They will also prepare a poster and presentation on the Current Environmental Issue. On the day of the event, the professionals will present on their topic and then issue a written test to each Envirothon team. The three top-scoring teams will present their Current Environmental Issue poster and presentation to a panel of 3 judges. The oral presentation component challenges students to effectively apply and communicate a solution to a complex environmental issue. The top overall team advances on to the Illinois Envirothon competition. The top overall team at the state level advances to the North American Envirothon competition held in a different state every year. Envirothon is much more than a competition. It is a fun, team-based program designed to help students better understand their environment through exploration of ecology, natural resource management, and current environmental issues.

Illinois Envirothon Website

National Envirothon Website