Spring & Fall Tree Sales

Spring 2018 Tree Sale

Order Deadline:  March 23rd, 2018

*Pick-Up:  Thursday, April 26th and Friday, April 27th 2018, 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Rock Island County SWCD office, 3020 1st Ave E, Milan, IL 61264

*Weather and planting conditions beyond the control of the nursery may affect the tree pick-up date. We cannot be responsible for trees after the specified pick-up date. Please make arrangements to pick them up on time. Plants are for conservation purposes only, and shall not be used as ornamentals or for landscaping. We make every effort to provide excellent quality stock, but we cannot provide any guarantees of survival or growth.   Choose from links above to download an order form or order online.

Fall Trees

Fall is ideal for planting potted trees.  A wide variety of deciduous potted trees and shrubs, norway spruce, and white pine potted trees are available in the fall.

Special orders are available, see below for more details.

Spring Trees

Seedlings are offered in the spring.  Seedlings are mainly 1-year-old bareroot seedlings. A few species are 2 to 3 years old. The size of the seedlings varies greatly depending on the species selected.  They must be ordered in multiples of 25 and quantities are limited.

1 gallon potted evergreens, including Christmas tree stock, are also available in the spring.  1 gallon potted evergreens are about 12-18″ in height.

We also offer deciduous potted trees in 3 gallon size in the spring.  Height varies greatly depending on the species ordered.

Special orders are available, see below for more details.

Special Orders

A wide selection of species and sizes are available from our nursery vendors.  Many species (especially in the seedlings) sell out months in advance.  If you are interested in a special order, the sooner you call, the sooner we can reserve with the vendor.  Call 563-528-3583 for a custom quote or email a request.

Email A Special Order Request

Species Spotlight Spring: Native Potted Plants

Plants Sold Individually This Spring

-Butterfly Milkweed (Red Orange)

-Purple Cone Flower (Purple)

-Ox-Eye Sunflower (Yellow)

-Prairie Blazing Star (Purple)

-Cardinal Flower (Red)

-Wild Bergamot (Purple)

-Black Eyed Susan (Yellow)

-Prairie Dropseed (Clump forming, low lying, perennial grass)

Seedling Care and Planting
Transport in a cool, covered vehicle or cover with a tarp. Unload seedlings immediately upon arrival at destination and store in a cool area or in a cooler. Plant the trees as soon as possible, but not later than one week. Avoid planting when the ground is frozen or extremely dry, or when excessively wet and sticky. Pour cold water into the open end of the bundles often enough to keep seedling roots moist, but not wet. Stack bundles loosely to permit adequate ventilation. Never leave open bundles of seedlings exposed to the sun and wind. During planting, take only a few bundles at a time. Cover the others and keep cool and moist. Seedlings should be carried in buckets or bags and covered with wet packing material to protect roots from exposure to sun and air. Remove only one seedling at a time from the bucket and plant immediately. Dig holes as deep as the root systems. Plant at the same depth they grew at the nursery or slightly deeper. Make sure the roots are spread out and are not bent or crowded. Pack the soil firmly around the roots to close air pockets. To check firmness of soil packing, grasp the top of the seedling and pull gently upward; if the tree pulls out of the ground easily, it was not firmly packed. Mulching around trees in smaller plantings can help conserve soil moisture and control weed growth. Spread wood chips, rotted sawdust or straw at a depth of 3 inches and 2 feet diameter around but not directly on the seedling.
Potted Tree Planting
Dig a hole twice as wide and slightly shallower than the root ball. Remove the container; gently separate roots and guide them outward. Cut very long roots or ones that will not straighten Position the tree straight and refill the hole around the roots.