Rock Island SWCD Sales

All proceeds support conservation in Rock Island County.

Fall Tree Sales

Fall is ideal for planting potted trees.  A wide variety of deciduous potted trees and shrubs, norway spruce, and white pine potted trees are available in the fall.


Native Grass Seed

RISWCD also offers native grass and forb seed.  Please call the RISWCD office for Native Grass Seed Information.



Fall and Spring Fish Sales

Fish are offered for pond stocking in fall and spring.  Click for more information.

Spring Tree Sales

Seedlings and a wider selection of evergreens are offered at the spring tree sale.  Potted trees are also available.

Small Plot Pollinator Mix

Buy a small plot pollinator mix in sizes as small as 500 square feet!  We take advantage of bulk pricing on larger orders to offer you a backyard mix at an affordable rate.