Resource Concerns

Copperas Creek Watershed
Resource Concerns – Prioritized

Description                                                               Rank
Erosion on stream bank                                                 1
Gully erosion from runoff, unstable grade                      2
Need more ponds to slow runoff                                    3
Non cropland gully erosion                                             4
Flooding of land along stream                                        5
Flood damage to cropland, fences                                 6
Debris in stream causes erosion                                    7
Poor drainage on land along flood plain                         8
Sedimentation of river                                                    9
Lack of cost share programs for non cropland             10
Gully erosion along roads                                             11
Undesireable plants in pastures, rose, thistle               12
Revitalize pastureland                                                  13
Low water quality for livestock                                      14
Time and resources spent to control erosion               15
Need more rotational grazing and fencing                   16
Rodent damage to cons. Practices                              17
Need more water for cattle                                           18
New weed species in fields along stream                    19
Poor quality trees along streams                                  20
Degraded timber stands                                               21
Lack of fish habitat                                                       22