Peoria Farm Tour 2016


Would you like to see native prairies, warm season grasses and beautiful blooming flowers? Would you like to hear how Native Americans and settlers used these plants for medicine, food and other things? Would you like to see some of the best habitat for wildlife, especially pheasant and quail, whose populations are on the rise? Are you interested in how wetlands are restored and how they can be used by migrating waterfowl, and other local wildlife? Would you like to learn more about the various programs and practices such as; CRP, CREP, terraces, dry dams, food plots, tree plantings, bird houses, and both warm and cool season grasses plantings?

Then why don’t you come to the Gilles Family Farm Tours being held this July. Come and enjoy a narrative description of how many various grasses and plants were used in the olden days. Then board the hay-racks, fitted with bus seats and railings, to enjoy a tour of their 700 acre farm, showcasing all of the items mentioned above. Come see how these programs and practices work to help stop soil erosion, improve water quality, improve air quality and provide excellent wildlife habitat. The farm is 7 miles west of the 4 way stop in Princeville on Highway 90, then 2 miles north on Brimfield Road. (look for the directional white signs).

Reservations are necessary since seating is limited. Please call the office or email to reserve your spot and then we can also notify you if the tours are cancelled due to rain.


TUESDAY, July 12th 9:00 am & 6:00 pm

THURSDAY, July14th 9:00 am & 6:00 pm