Augustana student intern Alyssa Clarida was able to work three days a week this summer at the SWCD office to update the current IL EPA 319 Grant Application and Resource Plan for Copperas Creek. She developed the water monitoring plan that is a key component of the plan and collected water samples at six sites. The samples were taken to Augustana College for analysis. This will serve as a base line for future water samples.

The updated Resource Plan and the information that Doug Hessman collected last summer was submitted in a new IL EPA 319 Grant Application. Previous applications made the initial list from IL EPA for their consideration. But due to the large number of applications around Illinois, we have not been successful in winning approval. Persistence does play a part of the application pool. So we will keep trying.

One thing that has improved our chances is the support and commitments we have received from the Edgington Township Board and Rock Island County Highway Department . More information to come!