U of I Extension
Friday, July 15, 8:00 am: Northwestern Illinois Agriculture R&D Center
321 210 Avenue, Monmouth, IL
Tours, Updates from Extension specialists, Free Refreshments

Research Center is located 1 mile North and 4 miles West of Monmouth at 321 210 Ave.

The Northwestern Illinois Agricultural Research and Demonstration Center is a 320 acre facility, established in 1980 near Monmouth in Warren County. The Center is located on the very productive Argiudoll and Haplaquoll soils. Each year, approximately 50 different projects are conducted by up to 12 campus-based project leaders and the center superintendent. Subject matter areas involved in these projects include soil chemistry and fertility, soil management, crop production, weed science, entomology, plant pathology, pest management and environmental quality.

This year’s topics are on Nutrient, Pest and Crop Management:

  • Are We Meeting the Corn Crop’s Nutrient Needs?
    Emerson Nafziger – Extension Crop Production Specialist
  • Illinois Nutrient Loss Reduction Strategy Practices: Every field needs at least one! Laura Christianson, Extension Water Quality Specialist
  • Future Herbicide Resistance Traits for Soybean: What are Your Questions? Aaron Hager – Extension Weed Specialist
  • Evaluation of Variable Seeding Depth and Corn Yield
    Eric Coronel, PhD Candidate
 For more information contact: Angie Peltier (309) 734-1098 or visit their website