Nancy Wolber is Rock Island County SWCD’s 2014 Conservation Teacher of the Year.  Nancy teaches Global Biology (Environmental Science) at Rock Island High School.  Nancy also sponsors the Environmental Action Club at Rock Islan2014 Conservation Teacher of the Yeard High School.

Nancy’s commitment to conservation, professional development, and education is admirable.  Nancy takes learning outside the classroom by offering her students and club members many opportunities to participate in hands-on learning and environmental stewardship activities.  These experiences can truly transform the way students view the environment.  Nancy said, “I start the year off with a chance for students to volunteer at the XStream Clean-up sponsored by Living Lands and Waters.  Typically I get between 50—70 students involved in this event.  Many…find out they can have a good time helping to clean up the area that they live in if they just give it a try.  Many sign up the next year or even after they graduate because they enjoyed it so much.”

This is just one example of Nancy taking learning outside the traditional classroom setting.  “Nancy is not only teaching her students about the environment, but she is providing a crucial part of her students’ education and preparation for real-life,” praised Marilyn Andress, Volunteer Coordinator for RiverBend Wildland Stewards.

“Nancy’s efforts and dedication to our Environmental Action Club are truly remarkable”, wrote Principal Wernentin in his Letter of Recommendation for the award.  Nancy’s passion for the environment is very clear, but so is her passion for the students.  Mr. Wernentin also wrote, “Students know Mrs. Wolber is an advocate for them and will work tirelessly for their success.”

Rock Island County SWCD is proud and thankful to have teachers like Nancy to share the message of conservation with the next generation.  This award is open to any K – 12 educator who teaches full time in public, parochial or private classrooms.   If you know a teacher that’s making a difference, call the SWCD and let us know!

Nancy is pictured receiving the 2014 Conservation Teacher of the Year Award from Sally Ferguson of Rock Island County Soil and Water Conservation District.  The award was presented at a Rock Island High School Environmental Action Club meeting.  Beside Nancy from front to back are Rock Island High School Environmental Action Club President Ro Sung Tha, Co Vice President Elizabeth Kasimu, and Treasurer Ethan Hong.